Partners for Healthy Pets

PHP.pngPartners for Healthy Pets, a program created by AAHA and more than 20 leading veterinary associations and animal health companies, works to ensure patients receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular visits to their veterinarian. The Partners for Healthy Pets coalition offers tools and resources to enhance the overall vitality of pets and veterinary practices, the delivery of preventive healthcare services, and communication with pet owners about the value of routine care.

A multimillion-dollar outreach campaign by Partners for Healthy Pets, intended to drive conversations between pet owners and their veterinarians, has featured print and online outreach as well as appearances by veterinarians on select talk shows and news media outlets. As a part of its dedication to educating consumers about preventive care, AAHA donated $200,000 to support the Partners for Healthy Pets program.

Veterinarians can join Partners for Healthy Pets for free, which grants their entire practice team access to the coalition’s helpful resources. Join and learn more at the Partners for Healthy Pets website.

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