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AAHA continually works to provide our members with the best, most engaging, most innovative CE opportunities available anywhere. Our upcoming learning programs can be found below.

Free CE - exclusively for AAHA members!

AAHA Learning offers more than 50 hours of nonsponsored RACE-approved CE for veterinarians and technicians in a variety of formats, plus over 200 courses and advanced eLearning tools for just $6 per month per user with AAHA Practice. Watch our video to learn more!

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Protect your practice now—and you won’t have to recover from losses later.

The 2020 AAHA Introduction to Cyber Security course provides learners with an overview and basic understanding of current cyber security issues, including: social engineering, extortion threats, and PCI DSS compliance. This course is free for AAHA members.

Presented thanks to a generous educational grant from HUB International.

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Practice with Heart

The heartbeat is a symbol of life. It’s also a metaphor for you—AAHA-accredited pet-care professionals—coming together at Connexity 2020. You and your team are at the heart of what makes AAHA great: you are the practice teams that keep our organization going strong and millions of pets thriving.

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