AAHA Leadership Groups

AAHA leadership groups

AAHA’s international recognition as a leader in the industry is a tribute to the vision and dedication of the many veterinary professionals who have devoted time and energy to serve AAHA through the years.

Ready to give back to the industry in a leadership role for one of the most respected Associations in the profession? Shape the future of veterinary medicine and help us continue to strive for excellence when you become part of task force teams, development committees, or advisory groups.

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AAHA leadership groups


Animal Ethics and Welfare Committee

This committee is charged with reviewing AAHA's position statements in relationship to world views on animal welfare and ethics, and recommending the development of new statements as needed.
  • Chair: Rod Jouppi, DVM
  • Co-chair: Terri Johnson, MSS, CVT
  • Board liaison: Mark Thompson, DVM, CCRP
  • Stacey L. Burdick-Taul, DVM
  • Dylan Frederickson, DVM

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is charged with the responsibility of selecting qualified recipients of the AAHA-Accredited Practice of the Year Award and continually reviewing the award criteria, submission requirements, and process for selecting recipients.
  • Monique Weldon, DVM
  • Libby Roller, RVT
  • Mark A. Thompson, DVM, CCRT
  • Allison Whartenby, BS, CVT

Leadership Identification and Nominating Committee

The Leadership Identification and Nominating Committee  (LINC) is charged with the identification and recruitment of the individuals that best meet the skill requirements for a competency-based board.
  • Chair: Robert Hicks, DVM
  • Cyndi Valerio, CVT
  • Bo Williamson, DVM
  • Teva Stone, DVM
  • Clayton A. Mackay, DVM
  • Guylaine Charette, DMV

Membership Audit and Control Committee

The Membership Audit and Control Committee (MACC) is responsible for ensuring that applicants are properly qualified to be accepted for membership in the association in accordance with all current standards and bylaws, including the responsibility for ensuring that all members maintain membership in accordance with current standards and bylaws.
  • Chair: Keri-Ann R. Reeves, DVM
  • Co-chair: Margaret Spalletta, CVT
  • Board liaison: Adam Hechko, DVM
  • Robert B. Esplin, DVM
  • Molly Lautzenheiser, CVPM
  • Kelly M. Lemke, AAS, CVT
  • Michael Shane, CVPM

Practice Accreditation Committee

The Practice Accreditation Committee (PAC) is responsible for seeking ways to improve the accreditation experience by sharing personal successes, and soliciting feedback from other AAHA Accredited Practice Members to ensure a “global” perspective.
  • Chair: Craig Clouse, DVM
  • Co-chair: Anthony Merkle, CVT
  • Board liaison: Margot Vahrenwald, DVM
  • Shannon M. Campbell, DVM
  • Kimberly A. Downes, DVM
  • Sue Allen, RVT
  • Ronald G. Hendrikson, DVM
  • Rosalie M. LoScrudato, DVM
  • Kelly Neu, CVT
  • Terri Johnson, MSS, CVT

Veterinary Informatics Committee

The Veterinary Informatics Committee (VIC) is charged with advancing AAHA’s mission by making recommendations to the board or carrying out the instructions of the board in all aspects of veterinary informatics.
  • Chair: Sonnya Dennis, DVM, DABVP
  • Board liaison: Cheryl Smith, CVPM
  • Staff Liaison: Alyson Forman, LVT
  • Robert S. Baker, DVM
  • Kathryn L. Miller, DVM
  • G. Noell Moseley, DVM, DABVP
  • Janice L. Trumpeter, DVM
  • Heidi Burnett, DVM
  • Julie Green, DVM

Other AAHA representatives

AVMA Animal Welfare Committee
  • Jodi Wiktorowski, DVM
  • Jessica Quillivan, DVM
AVMA Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee
  • Laura Niman, DVM
  • Scott Driever, DVM
AVMA Committee on Antimicrobials
  • Erin Frey, DVM, DACVPM
  • Lindsay R. Wright, DVM
AVMA Delegate
  • Wendy L. Hauser, DVM
  • Kate Crumley, DVM
AVMA Legislative Advisory Committee
  • Peter Hellyer, DVM
  • William Fredregill, DVM
International Council for Veterinary Assessment
  • Mark Russak, DVM
Pet Nutrition Alliance Board
  • Heather Loenser, DVM