AAHA-Accredited Veterinary Management Groups

Comprised of noncompeting AAHA-accredited practices representing diverse markets throughout the U.S., these veterinary management groups (VMGs) allow practice owners and managers to openly discuss challenges, identify goals, share success stories, and benefit from an environment of mutual support and motivation.

Each group meets semi-annually to share information, benchmarking data, management experiences, ideas, resources, problems, solutions, successes, and failures. Communication is continued between meetings via secure email lists and web portals.

AAHA-Accredited VMG members also gain access to an exclusive benchmarking program that allows members to run searches based on more than 25 different demographics to compare their practice to others in the global VMG database.

AAHA-Accredited VMGs bring the best of the best together to help each practice attain even greater levels of success.



  • Access to intellectual capital and resources typically available only to the largest corporate practice groups
  • A peer-support network comprised of noncompeting colleagues
  • Groups act as an unofficial board of directors for individual practice problem-solving
  • Access to practice financial benchmarking and analysis
  • 50+ industry vendor partnerships provide cost savings on supplies and services
  • Helps develop management and financial skills
  • Improves relationship building and networking
  • Professionally fulfilling, challenging, and rewarding


To join an AAHA-Accredited VMG, members must be:

  • A practice owner, administrator, or manager
  • Active within their respective practice(s) and empowered to institute change
  • Committed to enhancing the success of other practices and open to the exchange of ideas and best practices
  • Willing to collect and report financial data periodically utilizing the Veterinary Study Groups chart of accounts
  • Attend required biannual meetings
  • Able to respect and adhere to the confidentiality requirements and to comply with antitrust law

About Veterinary Study Groups, Inc.

Veterinary Study Groups, Inc. (VSG) is the umbrella corporation for Veterinary Management Groups, and is comprised of more than 1,100 members who own approximately 1,600 practices located throughout North America, with a combined revenue exceeding $3.5 billion.

There are currently more than 50 Veterinary Management Groups, including five AAHA-Accredited VMG, three of which were a result of the collaboration between VSG and AAHA and their groups, formerly known as AAHA’s North American Business Association groups.

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To join an AAHA-accredited VMG or learn more, contact:

Megan McDaniel
VSG Manager of Member Services
Phone: 678-395-3470
[email protected]

“Our AAHA-Accredited VMG creates a system of accountability that now propels us to account for things in our business that we should always be evaluating. When you have the knowledge and information to take the pulse of your practice, you can become more proactive in making positive changes where they are needed. Being part of an AAHA-Accredited VMG motivates my staff and shows us the room we have for improvement despite all of the success we have already achieved. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made.”

Shantila F. Rexroat, DVM,

Adair County Animal Hospital, Kentucky